About the book

"...this is also a clever, imaginative and fast-paced near-future sf thriller with its fair share of amusement. I thought at times of Philip K Dick. I thought of William Gibson. And I kept thinking, I really want to see this on the big screen." - Richard Kellum

POV was published by HarperCollins imprint Authonomy when it won the 30 hour novel writing challenge in 2013. Yes, it was written in just 30 hours! But ignore the short time it took to write it - concentrate on the story, which is a pulse-pounding thriller with twists and turns.

In the future, you can see the reality you wish to see, with IDRoPS, the most immersive and powerful augmented reality hardware ever. Nanotechnology makes your eyes the operating system.

Optometrist John McFarlane is one of the pioneers behind IDRoPS and can inject the liquid nanotechnology into your eyes. But when his patients are murdered and their eyes ripped out of their bodies, he becomes the main suspect. But with a crazed killer on the loose, can he clear his name before his family are murdered?

About the publisher

Authonomy is an imprint of HarperCollins dedicated to finding new and exciting authors.

 Book: POV

 Author: Chris Brosnahan

 Publisher: Authonomy

 Price: £5.00

 Formats available: All  ebooks,  read online

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