About the book

'After each Stave I was left wanting more ... captivated me from the beginning ... very clever, Mr Brosnahan, very clever!' Crime Book Club

'Fair to say, I'm hooked.’ Victoria, Bangor

'You utter bastard. I had to go for a walk to get my heart rate back to normal.' Fearghas, London

'Actual heartbeat racing stuff. Brilliant.' @princessofvp

When Sentinel reporters David Levy and Gemma Masterton investigate the death of a colleague, they uncover a world of sex, blackmail and murder. But are they out of their depth, and have they put themselves in the sights of a dangerous enemy?

Set in London, Deadlines uses a combination of technology and old-fashioned investigation to tell a new, exciting story. Originally serialised in ten parts, you can now buy Deadlines as one complete novel for the first time.

About the publisher

The Pigeonhole is a publisher taking an all-new approach to a classic method of storytelling. Novels, anthologies and non-fiction are split into weekly staves sent direct to your phone, tablet, kindle or PC. 

With a beautiful interface and exciting new writers, The Pigeonhole is bringing back serialised storytelling for the 21st century.

 Book: Deadlines

 Author: Chris Brosnahan

 Publisher: The Pigeonhole

 Price: £5.00

 Formats available: All  ebooks, read online

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